Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Secret to Chicken Happiness only costs a buck

Now that I'm back to blogging and gardening I thought I would do a little PSA on the Secret to Chicken Happiness. I'd like to think my girls are happy with their little chicken lives. They have clean bedding, fresh water, plenty of food and I don't think they spend much time worrying about predators, but none of that is the key to a really and truly happy chicken.

But if you really want a to send your chicken into a frenzied state of happiness, you've gotta give them a treat that will put them on the quick train to chicken nirvana.

For my girls it's the white curdled dairy product of the gods - cottage cheese. They particularly like the Breakstones 100 calorie single serve cups of cottage cheese mixed with fruit that you can buy for a buck at the grocery store. If I was the type that routinely bought cottage cheese for myself, I'd just give the chickens the leftovers, but since I don't, I buy one of these every couple of weeks as a special treat. Clementine likes that they're only 100 calories, because being a full-figured gal already, she has to watch her waistline so she can still fit in the door to the coop.

I once had a young cashier ask me if they were any good. I responded "I don't know, they're for my chickens, but I can ask them and report back to you." She was about 16 and gave me that look that teens give that lets you know you're a big loser in their world. I think she may have slightly snorted and there was definitely an eyeroll involved.

Clearly this young cashier has never had a truly happy chicken.

They key is to mix the fruit and the cottage cheese together for them because they're lazy and will ignore the spoon if you set it down next to the cottage cheese with instructions on how to mix it together.

When they're finished pecking each tiny fruit-splattered curd from the inside of the cup, they'll be covered from comb to wattle in goo and spend the rest of the day ba-gawking happily in the sun.

Ahhh... a zen chicken moment - for a buck.
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