Saturday, September 27, 2008

Born Free

Most of our little tadpoles have grown up and turned into frogs… or become frog bait themselves. When we see four legs and no tail, we've been releasing the froglets into the back yard to live our their little froggy lives. They appear to be tiny tree frogs to me, but it's a bit hard to tell since they are so small.

It seems like ages ago that Tropical Storm Fay came through and flooded our yard, giving the boys the grand idea to hunt for tadpoles. It's been a great evolutionary lesson for the boys and sadly there are only one or two late bloomers left in our tadpole habitat, so I'd call our tadpole adventures about over. I'd recommend this to anyone with little kids because mine have learned so much from the whole experience.

Born free…as free as the tadpoles
As free as the frog grows
Free to follow your heart

Is it wrong that I kind of miss the little guys swimming around in that box on the patio? Besides, I now have a freezer full of frozen bloodworms and no one to eat them.

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