Monday, October 6, 2008


It was late morning the other day and I was out in the garden pulling weeds when I noticed how much dew was covering everything. That's one of the annoying things about living in Florida. We have such high humidity that things outside are always wet in the morning. It can take ages for things outside to dry up after the sun comes up. If the kids play outside in the morning the grass is wet, the swings are wet, the slide is wet and for moms who want to sit and watch the kids play - the chairs are always wet. Any mom who meets at a park for a pre-11 a.m. playdate will always bring a large beach towel to dry off playground equipment and benches. If you wait until the sun has risen enough to dry everything up, it's just plain hot and muggy. It's good fun.
I started pulling some weeds and searching for evil tomato hornworms when I noticed some pretty dew-covered leaves in the middle of the garden. I was about to pull them up when I noticed that these plants were right behind the broccoli row marker. I assumed they were weeds since all of our broccoli plants went to a watery grave in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Fay. But these two little plants are growing in a perfect row right behind the row marker and don't look like any other weeds in the garden.

Could they really be broccoli? Am I the proud owner of two stunted broccoli plants? Or am I a total tool who is now proudly cultivating two weeds who just happen to have grown behind the broccoli row marker? I guess only time will tell because I don't know what a young broccoli plant looks like. For now I'm choosing to err on the side of caution so I'll take care of these two things - just in case.

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Caroline said...

Totally looks like Broccoli. 'I'm chopping broccccoli, choppin' broccoli, choppin' broccoli!'

Um, sorry. Anyway, congrats!! Woo hoo!

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