Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lettuce keep planting

I knew we wanted to give lettuce a go in the garden when I heard that it's quite easy to grow and hearing that is my Achilles heel. As soon as I hear something grows easily here in Central FL, I buy it, plant it, and kill it. I'm good like that.

We dropped by the Home Depot garden center yesterday afternoon after school and picked up nine small Romaine lettuce seedlings. As we're walking up to pay the boys noticed that the end cap was full of white eggplants. They were captivated with the idea of white eggs from this plant and purple eggs from the other plant we already have in the garden - just perfect for Easter - so we bought one. I'm well-aware that at some point I'll have to explain what an eggplant is to them.

I know I mentioned that we don't really eat eggplant, so if we grow a purple one AND a white one, I'll be scouring the web for recipes. At this point, I'm thinking I won't need to be scouring anything for recipes.

So the lettuce went in. It was quite green, but photographed quite yellow.
And the eggplant went in. Aidan wanted to put it next to Basil Boddywicket the gnome for good luck, so we went with that.
Aidan helped water in all the plants and for the first time did not water his tennis shoes too. Learning is taking place.


Caroline said...

Sweet, do you think Aidan could teach Lucas how to not pee on his feet then?

Kate and Crew said...

If you would see his bathroom...the answer is NO.

engineeredgarden said...

Kate - lettuce is very easy to grow....you know...the caveman thing....Anyway,I know absolutely nothing about eggplant. I've got watering cans just like that! You'll see them in my next blog....


Carole said...

hi katedid you know that in England a romaine lettuce is called a Cos lettuceCarole

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