Friday, December 5, 2008

Free Rice

Since I'm not planting or harvesting right now, I thought I'd focus on something sort of garden-related that's a great cause too. At you can play a fun vocabulary game that tests your intelligence and donates 20 grains of rice to help end world hunger for each answer you get correct. Since its launch in October 2007, FreeRice has donated more than 53 billion grains of rice and fed more than 2 million hungry people.

If you're not a speller, but still like the idea of the site, click on the "subjects" button on the menu bar at the top of the screen. You can pick a different subject to be tested on from art to chemistry and algebra to geography. Each time you get an answer right, they donate 20 grams of rice. Just this morning before breakfast I donated about 300 grams of rice.

I know a lot of us say we're going to do something positive each year, especially around the holiday season, but life gets in the way and we forget. If you're reading this blog, it's proof that you have plenty of free time to play on the computer. Why not spend 5 minutes on FreeRice and make a small difference?

1 comment:

engineeredgarden said...

That was kinda fun! I just donated 1000. Hope they get it all...


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