Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Soup Ever

I realize I appear to be on a leek soup kick, but I can't help myself. I'm allowing myself to indulge in this so that I can move on. You read my insane rave about how good Jonah Lisa's "Leek and Potato" soup is and how I planned on making her Leek, Chicken and Apple soup. I've bought the ingredients for that soup many times, but they always end up getting eaten before I can prepare it. Someone always eats an apple and I end up using the leeks. Yesterday, I decided to outsmart my family and bought the ingredients and made it right away.

Three words:




Not exaggerating. Not being dramatic. Just being honest. Unreal.

I know it was good because my boys both ate it and didn't leave a drop in their bowls. Neither of them particularly like eating soup and so far the only soup I've found that they'll both eat is a super-yummy Tomato-Peanut soup - and even though they like it, they never finish their bowls.

The little one is about as picky as they come and when he gobbled up every single bite of the Leek, Chicken and Apple soup, I knew we had a winner. This is the first time I've seen the bottom of the bowl with this kid. He's a wily one for sure. He can go a full week without taking one bite of his dinner, so seeing him eat this soup was captivating.

Aidan was iffy at first but when I bribed him with bread for dunking he was willing to take a bite. He ended up loving it and said "You have to make this soup again! It's making me strong!" Ahhh grasshoppa, you have learned well.

Aidan prefers the hover over your bowl to keep your shirt clean approach.

Farmer B came home from work early and managed to get some soup while it was still warm on the stove. He had two huge bowls and said it was one of the best soups he'd ever tried.

This will get prepared at our house often. I can't wait to make it for company now. Readers - you make this soup now! You make soup now!


Jonah Lisa said...

You make soup now! You cracked me up. Stephen and Huck LOVED the gaping maw picture of J munching the soup.

We're making it again tonight.

I told you this was amazing soup! And A is on the money. I always feel like this soup is actively making me healthy as I eat it.

engineeredgarden said...

That sounds good! I'll have to remember this one, as my wife likes soups like that.


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