Saturday, May 15, 2010

Final Call for Space Shuttle Atlantis

Yesterday was the final flight for the Space Shuttle Atlantis, which launched at 2:20 p.m. on its way to the International Space Station. I went outside with my very curious 4-year-old to take some pictures and hopefully imprint another shuttle launch into his memory before the program ends for good later this year. I hope he's old enough to one day have distant memories of dashing out into his backyard as a child to watch a light and smoke trail ascend into the sky.

It was a beautiful clear day to watch the launch and I was determined to have my camera on the right settings this time around. I brought out the video camera, my SLR camera on a tripod, and the iPhone so my budding photographer could take his own photos of the launch. I also brought out a ladder so he could get the perfect vantage point.

This video with his commentary is priceless. My videography skills are crap because I was concentrating on taking photos, making sure the dogs didn't knock over my camera and making sure he didn't fall off the ladder. Look past my footage and listen to how excited he is.

I got some really nice clear photos of the launch, albeit not much different than previous daytime launch photos I've taken from the same spot looking East from our back yard.

Then I decided to get a pic of the kid taking his own photos of the launch.

And here is one of his photos.

Not bad for a 4-year-old, huh? There I am perched with a digital SLR on a tripod and he snaps a perfect shot with my camera phone.

There are only two launches left - unless the shuttle program gets some sort of last minute reprieve - and I'll do my best to get my boys outside to watch them both. (That older boy of mine got to watch this one from his Elementary school - no fear!)


Engineeredgarden said...

That was a priceless video, and I think it's funny that he aced the launch pic with only a cell phone camera. heh.

sb158 said...

Oh, very cool! As long as you have the video, he can watch it whenever. That ought to keep the occasion fresh in his memory! And maybe you have a budding Ansel Adams on your hands; his pic was great!

Danielles Garden said...

I saw that launch too! My husband and I didn't even know what it was was until we noticed the very thick lower smoke trail and then the telltale red glow. Great photos.

Momma_S said...

Yay! When I heard about Atlantis' final flight on NPR, your blog and "first-hand" experiences were the first things that popped into my mind. So wonderful to be able to share an historic event with the kids...

Stefaneener said...

You are a good mama.

Laura said...

This was my first visit-
This was a great post and I am now off to read more.

Come by if you have time.

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