Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A gnome gname

Our EBG or Emergency Backup Gnome gnow has a gname. Thanks to my friends Ali and Jonah Lisa we came up with a suitable gname for our gnome savior. Ali suggested Basil, which we love for many reasons. One of the only successful plants in our garden is a basil plant. One of my favorite characters on TV is Basil Fawlty and when I was a kid I thought the TV fox called Basil Brush was about the best thing ever. Although you must say "Basil" the right way. It's not bay-zil, it's ba-zil.

Basil's last gname came from the gnome gname generator that my friend Jonah Lisa sent to me. It's a gnifty little site that would also be a great place to go to gname hamsters and guinea pigs and such. Boddywicket was one of the first gnames to come up and it seemed like a great second name to our powerful little gnome.

So Basil Boddywicket it is.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Basil Boddywicket is the most perfect name. Mr. Baaaaa-zil (See! I know how to pronounce it!) better get to work and start protecting your garden!

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