Friday, July 25, 2008

Cyber Gardening for Kids

While we wait for our seeds to come in, we’re talking to the boys a lot about how plants grow. Our 4 1/2-year-old has been able to explain photosynthesis since he was about 3 years old thanks to his fascination with why some of the leaves fall off the trees in the winter. Granted it’s a child’s explanation, but he gets how it works. It goes something like this “photosynthesis is when the sun gives plants energy and makes green leaves grow and gives us air to breathe. And air is good.” If he sees someone cutting down a tree he gets sad and clutches his chest and claims it’s now harder for him to breathe. Gotta love a kid's flair for the dramatic.

He’s been playing some online computer games about creating gardens too, so he’s starting to understand the whole seed, roots, plant, sun, rain connection. Every time it rains he comments on how it will make our garden grow. This makes me realize that since nothing has been planted yet, it’s just making weeds grow. Here are some great websites with free gardening games that are appropriate for preschoolers:

Disney - Rabbit’s Garden Patch

PBS - Caillou (once you’re in the house, go outside to the garden)

Noggin – Dora’s Magic Garden

Disney – Goofy’s Garden

BBC's Gordon the Garden Gnome

And I would be remiss if I didn't include at least something for the adult cyber-gardening nerd, if there is such a thing. Here is BBC's Virtual Garden creator, available for PC and Mac.

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Jonah Lisa said...

I didn't get my garden planted at all this year so I'm living vicariously through your guys.

And while I'm here, where a link to your store girl?

Loving the blog!

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