Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't Fence Me In!

We picked today to start putting the fence around the garden. Today seemed like the best day to work outside because the temperature combined with the humidity made it feel about 180 degrees. That is one of the special joys of living in Florida - humidity so high that you feel like you want to die after standing outside for 30 seconds. I learned a little something about humidity today from a weather website:

When you sweat, the only way you cool down is through evaporation of water from your skin. But if the air is holding too much water already due to high humidity, the sweat stays on your skin and you get little to no relief from the heat. A high Heat Index value shows a small chance of evaporative cooling from the skin. You even feel like it is hotter outside because you can't rid your skin of the excess water.

This explains why Aidan, who is recovering from being sick with a high fever, spent a lot of time leaning on things and begging to come back inside, and why Farmer B, who is recovering from a sinus infection, was feeling dizzy, and why we all came in after only 45 minutes complaining of seeing spots. It's all fun and games 'till you get heatstroke. Who starts a garden in July in Florida? No one with an ounce of common sense. That's for sure.

So back to the fence. We bought a green fencing that is more intense than chicken wire, but less intense than real chain link and seems suitable for keeping out boys, dogs and some wild animals (notice I said *some* - we have had bobcats in our yard and nothing stops them).

Farmer B used a sledge hammer to pound the stakes into the ground and then he and the boys wrapped the fencing around the stakes. As usual, Jace found a way to get involved and got stuck in a curly bit of fencing.

We didn't get the fence finished. We didn't figure out how to attach the fence to the stakes with these little metal clasps that come sans directions.
And we didn't figure out how to make a little gate so we can get in and out yet. Those are all in the plans for a slightly less humid day.

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