Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stage 1 complete

The first stage of our garden is complete. The soil is ready to go. The fence is up. The appropriate tools have been purchased (including a pitchfork - just 'cos). So now we sit. And wait. The garden book says that a new garden plot should sit for one month before you plant in it. This is so the magical garden elves and pixies can have their secret ceremonies on the earth, thus creating a bountiful harvest when you plant your veggies. Yeah, I have no clue why it has to sit for a month before we plant, but the Fall planting season in Florida starts in August, so now we just wait. I'm sure this month of waiting will give me plenty of time to pull all the weeds and grass that are going to inevitably sprout thanks to the deluge of rain we've been getting lately. It's rained so much that the frogs have moved in and are trying to overtake the house. We have frogs of biblical proportions right now. But don't fret! I have plenty of garden-related things to talk about in the upcoming days to keep this blog a-hoppin'.

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I think I will now have to fight Brett for the pool shed. Frogs are his #1 favorite creature on the earth, he often laments that we no longer live in NC where "you couldn't walk three freaking feet without seeing a frog".


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