Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wildlife Weekend: One Gassy Chicken

After picking my oldest son up from kindergarten on Friday, I stopped at the gas station near the school to fill up the tank. As we pulled up to the pump, he screamed "MOMMM!!! CHICKEN!!!!" so I slammed on the breaks.

And there in front of me was a chicken at the gas pump just strutting along. No one blinked an eye.

You may have read about the beautiful chicken we often see in the Library parking lot and maybe you think that the gas station and the Library are close to each other and it's one roving band of wild chickens I keep photographing.

But the gas station and the Library are 8 miles apart. The two chickens clearly do not know each other.

I just seem to run in to a lot of random chickens around here.


Stefaneener said...

You think they maybe fall off of processing trucks? That's where the "wild" chickens in some parts of CA come from.

Maybe she/he was just filling up. . .

Peggy said...

That is too funny...a chicken running loose! :)

Erin said...

very cute picture! What I remember most about my trips to Key West are all the chickens strutting around town, they run the place!

Sue said...

Maybe someones tired of chickens and is turning them loose. Believe it or not, we've had folks up here turning HORSES loose-they can't afford to feed them. Sad.

Leisa said...

Multi tasking, Gas and dinner! YUM!

Just Kidding, but it looks like a Roo, so probably it was kicked out of someone's back yard flock. Did you try and catch it ;)

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