Sunday, September 12, 2010

A discrepancy in the paint department

You've heard of Christmas in July. How about Easter in September? There has been a mix-up in the Internal Paint Department of our chickens lately and we've had some interesting surprises in the nest boxes. This diagram of the inside of a chicken explains what's been happening to cause these issues. You can see the Hen Paint Department a bit above the man's hands in the photo. Clearly, we have a disturbance within ours.

Take the striped egg from a week ago. It looks like this one got stuck in the paint department a bit too long. The stripe forms an almost perfect line across the top of the egg with a much darker botom to the egg.

Then today we found a white egg in the nest. Clearly this one bypassed the paint department altogether. You can see it in the picture below next to a regular brown egg and one of our recent speckled eggs, which was obviously caused by some bad airbrushing.

I've had a word with all the hens but none will fess up as to who's the culprit. They're a very tight knit trio and their beaks are sealed during my interrogations. Although, Clementine did admit to laying a bizarre oblong egg a few weeks ago, she's mum on the rest.


Annie's Granny said...

Oh, I'll bet it was Clementine. She likes to show off her cute butt, and what comes out of it. It makes her Xtra Speshul :-)

Ribbit said...

So....I'm assuming they're all still good to eat?

I second the Clementine. She's an attention hound anyway.

Stefaneener said...

I think maybe you could lay off. They're just expressing their creativity.

And just wait until they take it badly that you're picking on them and begin to lay shelless eggs. That'll teach you.

Dani said...

Annie kills me!!!!lol

Kelly said...


Tricia said...

What egg-actly is the problem. You are allergic to WHITE eggs and not BROWN? Maybe the girlz just decided to be a little creative. What the heck, I say you go girlz.

Here is a puzzler.... I live in South Florida and do NOT have chickens and NOW I am finding eggs in my grass. I can hear chickens in the morning but have never seen them. Do I dare collect the eggs?

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