Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hoe No!

I had a major gardening incident tonight. I'm still trying to mentally recover as I write this. Aidan and I were in the garden for the long-overdue corpse removal session and he was hacking away with the long-handled 5-pronged rake-thing while I was lightly hoeing the soil and pulling up weeds. I realized that I'd fallen away the Extreme Hoeing Workout Plan and figured as the founder of Extreme Hoeing I owed it to my followers to pick it back up now that we're getting ready to plant again.

I spent several minutes stretching out appropriately so that I wouldn't get injured. I did some hoe squats to make sure my back and legs were up to it. Then I stood in the appropriate stance and started a very intense session of Extreme Hoeing. Soil and sweat were flying, weeds flinging through the air, when CRACK! TING! THUMP!

My hoe fell into three pieces. I killed my hoe. My trusty hoe. Dead. The handle cracked, the hoe head fell off and the metal connector shaft fell to the ground.

I never knew Extreme Hoeing could be so dangerous. I think I'll have to re-evaluate my plan and add some warning labels. You just can't be too hard on your hoe...

I'll be shopping for a new hoe this weekend. I hope I find one that I bond with.

Edited: Farmer B came home and saw the dismembered hoe. Said it's a Craftsman so Sears will replace it for free. It's already in his car and I should have a brand-spanking new shiny hoe in my hands tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said... decided to put a little bit of "hoe-cide" on those weeds? must have been going to town with that thing! Poor little feller....heh.


Mary Q Contrarie said...

Looks to me like you might have been using the wrong tool for the job. There is a whole variety of garden hoe out there that are made for different task and even different soil conditions. I found this great tool selector chart at the bottom of this web page:

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