Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My garden: dead, naked, exposed.

I'm sure that avid blog readers have run across blogs where the writer shows the "real deal" behind the blog. This can be a photo a woman in the morning before make-up, a mom's toy-strewn living room or even what the inside of your fridge really looks like. Well this is officially a gardening blog, even though I'm allowing myself to follow a much looser path these days, so I thought I owed it to you to show you the horrid truth that is now my garden.

Remember how nice it looked before?

All green and perky.

Potential blossoming daily?


Well here is the wicked truth. You really need to click on the picture to see it in its full glory.

It's brown. Dead. Weedy. Overgrown. Plants left to go to seed. Did I mention dead? It's downright embarrassing. I feel so exposed. It's all sooooo "out there" for the world to see. My big weedy failure. The splashes of green might fool you, but they're either weeds or plants that have gone to seed.

Shall we talk about the photo? Let's see…from right to left we have the following:

Dead green beans and dead peas
A long row of tomato plant cages with brown sticks in them
Behind them an overgrown mint plant that no longer smells minty
To the left of the hose are some killer weeds and an overgrown broccoli plant
On the far left is a dead pumpkin plant and a group of overgrown lettuces
Against the left fence are 2 pots from my Great Garden Experiment with brown sticks in them.

I started to hoe the garden about 2 weeks ago, but I fell short of Extreme Hoeing and gave up. It's on my to-do list for next week: an extreme hoeing session and a mass disposal of the brown withered corpses that taunt me every day. I think I'll let the boys pull up the dead plants. There's nothing that screams "boy task" like the removal of dead things from a pile o' dirt.

There is an ounce of life in the garden though. All the way in the back corner behind the overgrown lettuce. Can you see it? It's my favorite vegetable growing in two rows and looking strong. So maybe there is hope...


Anonymous said...

Kate, I'm sure things will turn out better next time. Even though my fall garden last year didn't produce much of anything, I'm gonna give it another try. In my case, I wasn't prepared for the cold weather/killing frost. It was a learning experience, and i'll be better prepared for the next one. Cheer up!


Anonymous said...

Give yourself a pat on the back for giving it a go in the first place. New year, new garden, new opportunities. Love your blog- can't wait to garden along with you this summer!

Kate and Crew said...

Thanks EG and Kelly - We're replanting, but nervous... hopefully we grow more than we kill this time.


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