Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some Blog Housekeeping

:: New Blog List ::

I'm a big fan of listing the blogs I love so that my readers can read them too. Over there on the left column are my absolute favorite blogs that I read often. Some of them are from gardening friends, like Our Engineered Garden, some are from crafty friends, like The Toby Show, and some are just fun to read, like The Pioneer Woman. I am always impressed by how great so many bloggers are today - how great their photos are, how they manage to come up with something to say every single day and how they keep making me want to come back and read more.

I'm a believer that blogging really is its own art form and so many of these bloggers have really mastered this art. It's easy to say that we blog for ourselves, but blogging is a bit of performance art. If no one reads your blog, you start to wonder why you put on the daily performance of the blog post.

Lately I've been having fun clicking on the user names of some of the people who comment on my posts. It's been a lot of fun peeking into the blog-lives of some of my readers. My blog list in the left column was getting a bit long so I decided to start a new list in the right column with the blogs of some of my gardening and crafty friends who have commented on my posts. This way I'll remember to read their blogs, plus I hope that others will see their blogs and become a fan too.

So - in an attempt to share the blogging love, over there in the right column is my new list. If you're a GWS reader and have some sort of crafty or gardening blog, let me know and I'll add you to the list. If you don't have a blog, check out the list and click on a few - you might find a new favorite!

:: Wildlife Weekends ::

When it's the weekend, few bloggers post. And from the looks of it, few readers read. Hopefully we're all spending time with our families and not focused on the computer.

I'm a photography fan and take entirely too many pictures. I have the external hard drive to prove it. I rarely post these random pictures because there's really not much to say about them and let's face it, blogs are about the written word too.

So I'm declaring my weekends "Wildlife Weekends." There won't be much to say, but if I take a great picture of something in the outdoors, I'll post it for all to see. It might be my pets, wild animals or something growing in the great outdoors - just some weekend eye candy. I may even start out the occasional week with this post holding me over on Monday mornings since at our house the weekend is over on Tuesdays thanks to Farmer B's non-traditional work schedule.

And since I know I'll soon have a coopful of cute chickens, this sounds like the perfect way for me to slip in some gratuitous poultry pic's too!

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Kathryn said...

Hi, Kate. First of all, let me thank you so much for putting my blog on your favorites list. I'm quite flattered. Second, I read your blog when I am at work, but because of all the firewalls they have in place the pictures don't show up. I truly adore your pics, and your boys are absolutely adorable. Am truly looking forward to seeing your chicks. What a great coop they have to come home to. I'm still in the "convincing the Ol' Salt that we really should get just a couple. I think he's starting to bend!! Isn't it great about the White House veggie garden!! Take care. K (aka: Mad Beach Maven)

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