Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frankenkitty's return

I know from the comments sections of some of my previous posts that some of you have been following the story of our cat, Damian, and his ear troubles. After 20 days of having his ear quilting sutures in, we finally made the trip to the vet to get them removed. When we got there the vet came in to the room and scooped Damian out of his carrier and carried him to another room to cut out the sutures.

He was back in minutes and remarking - as they always do - on what an easy cat he is. No fighting, no protesting - just sitting there happily as they worked on him. Some may say the lights are on, but no one's home - I choose to say he's just that well mannered.

He's back to his wonderful quirky old self now that he's home. We're still keeping him away from mirrors because one of his old habits was sitting in front of a mirror staring at himself. I am not sure if he can handle seeing the ear disfigurement so soon after the procedure. Maybe when the hair comes in it will be less noticeable. Please just go with me on this one. If it doesn't, we'll be in the market for a prosthetic ear. Maybe I could even make one with some chocolate brown felt and some elastic.

Luckily he has a brother who's not deterred by his new Frankenkitty-style cauliflower ear and is happy to give it a good wash at a moment's notice.

Unluckily he has another brother who is fascinated with him and likes to try and knock him down with his long snout at a moment's notice.

But little Damian is happy and healed and back to following me around every single waking moment of the day. I think the cauliflower ear actually nicely matches his crossed eyes, single snaggletooth and bent tail. I'll admit to missing his old pointy ear, but now I have a reason to love this little kitty just a little bit more than before.


Erin said...

No prosthetic ear!!! I hate cats, but I have to admit, yours is getting cuter every time I see him! I love the ear and snaggletooth, lol!

Annie*s Granny said...

Thanks for the update on little Damian, Kate. He's stolen my heart, as well as well as the hearts of many of your readers.

Stefaneener said...

Naw, no prosthetic. I think it gives him a jaunty air.

Sue said...

Poor little cauliflower eared, snaggle toothed, cross eyed kitty!
What a rough break for him. Glad he's with a family that loves him despite (because?)........

Darla said...

He'll be just fine with so much love around him..

donna said...

I luv your kitty, too, and am relieved that he's doing well. What a sweet brother Damian has to wash his ear like that. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering about him.

Sandra said...

Thank you for your stories! I´ve been surfing the web for pictures of animals with aurical hematoma. And the first link I got to was your blog. And I found all the answers I´ve been looking for! I´ve just experienced EXACTLY the same with my seal point Siamese boy. He would be a show star cat because his ears are sooo big! But he returned to me as a breeder when he was 4 years old so I decided no to take him to shows. So, you can imagine the huge ears resulting in a monster cat :))) The same case with the mirror :) I can´t hide it because I have a few mirror doors furniture. And after we came back from a vet with the ugly ugly ugly cone, he would spend a few hour watching himself and getting depressed.
All the best to your Siamese brothers!

Sandra from the Czech Republic

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