Monday, November 30, 2009

Garden Blogger's Death Day :: November 2009

Ding, Ding, Ding… bring out your dead!

Welcome to Garden Blogger's Death Day for the month of November, 2009! This is the day for gardeners who overwater, underwater, maim, prune or otherwise neglect their plants to a state of dismal droopage or untimely death. This is the day for gardeners like me with black thumbs who kill more than they cultivate, for cadmium-green-thumbed gardeners who have a lapse in judgment and commit accidental planticide, and for any poor soul whose plants fall victim to that fickle mother who controls us all - Mother Nature.

Garden Blogger's Death Day is becoming a bit tough this time of year. Most of the rest of the country isn't growing anything so I'm killing things alone down here in Florida. I have gardening guilt for plain forgetting about GBDD last month. I blame the fact that I was hand-making costumes for two little boys and then decorating the house on Halloween to rival any professional event and then trick-or-treating until the kids dropped. I told myself I'd never let blogging get in the way of the family and I guess October I allowed myself to drop the blogging ball.

I may have dropped the ball in October, but Marie over at Garden in Bethlehem PA did not. She still posted a Garden Blogger's Death Day entry for October and I missed the whole thing. Thanks Marie!! I'm glad someone is showing the Death Day love!

But here we are in November and I've killed some nice little plants this month. You read about the vile little armyworms that treated my Swiss Chard like an all-you-can-eat buffet, leaving me with two stunted plants in one box and only stems in the other box.

I also managed to kill of a yellow bell pepper without even trying. I am not a good transplanter because a plant's most precarious time in my house is when I first put it in the garden. The little bell pepper barely made it a week before it gave up the fight.

My other two bell pepper plants are short and stunted and have oddly-shaped peppers on them, but at least they're growing and alive!

So how about all of you? What fell victim to your gardening wrath this month? Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog showing what you killed or maimed this month. We're here for you. Let's not judge, but support each other like a good pair of pantyhose or a well-staked garden trellis.


Jeff Vandiver said...

No death here. However, there's only onions, lettuce, and broccoli out there.

Kate, i'd like to answer a question that you've asked me a couple of times about Jude - when it gets below freezing. We only bring her inside when the temperature gets below 24 degrees. She loves cold weather, and her coat keeps her really warm. However, in the summer - she really gets hot!

Daphne Gould said...

I'm happy if anything is alive and unfrozen in the garden right now. Last month I did have a death. My rosemary that I brought inside to overwinter lasted about three weeks for me. Rosemarys hate me. I can grow them when they are in the garden, but they aren't hardy here and hate indoor living. If I had know it was going to die I could have harvested all of its leaves to dry. What a waste.

Heidi said...

I am fortunate that, even though I am up in the 'frozen north' as my mum calls it, I have indoor space to keep up my planticide numbers throughout the winter!

Dani said...

I thought I might have some beans that were on their way out, but they made a comeback. Hopefully, I'll get to play next month. :)

Marie said...

Thanks. That little pine is really dead, I think. I never take plants out of the ground just because they look dead. (Hoping for some kind of miracle?) I guess if it's still dead in spring I'll pull it. :-)

You are not alone in killing things. I murdered one of my coleus cuttings this month. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture. So I'll have nothing to post for December. But --- it's still early in the month!

Stefaneener said...

Well, the cover blew off of my lettuce while I was gone and the birds are still pecking it and the snow peas are being beheaded. Dratted birds. I wonder if that counts. I suppose it does. . .

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