Tuesday, December 29, 2009

21 lbs of trouble finally has a name

I'm very careful about naming pets. I give a pet a name and see if it sticks. If it doesn't we move on to a different name - if it sticks, then it's official. My last dog went through a series of names for about a month before her name, Baillan, finally stuck. This little puppy's new name seems to have stuck.

Introducing Saffron - although the nickname Saffie is what she's being called the most.

Rommel is coming around to this new loud nippy little creature in the house. It's a slow process, but he's warming up to her. It's funny that each new day is a learning experience with the two of them. Just yesterday we learned that her entire head fits inside his mouth.

Like all puppies she plays hard, chews constantly, yaps when left alone and sleeps a lot. She had a few very noisy nights where I thought my brain might just explode, but last night was a bit better.

She loves to chase the boys around the yard and is like a little shadow to them. My youngest son thought he'd outsmart her by running up the slide.

Turns out she went up too. And grabbed his pants.

And pulled him down.

And dragged him off the slide.

And then attacked him in a mad puppy frenzy.

Right now the only thing getting us through the day - and night - are Kong toys stuffed with peanut butter and then tossed in the freezer until we have a frozen puppy grenade. Throw the grenade in and run fast. She's 21 lbs of trouble and today we've officially had her one week.



Darla said...

Adorable name.....cute photos of Saffie and your son.

Sarah said...

Saffron is a fantastic name! She looks like she's fitting in well!

Becca's Dirt said...

What an adorable puppy. I like the name Saffron. Saffie is having so much fun with the little one. Happy New Year.

Stefaneener said...

Oh, so sweet. I would, personally, welcome a large picture of her head encased in Rommel's jaws. Just sayin'.

Ribbit said...

FANTASTIC name! She's a doll.

Jeff Vandiver said...

What a cute little puppy you have! Oh, they're loads of fun at that age.

Kate and Crew said...

Stefaneener - I've got a few of those pics - LOL. Will find one to post soon.

EG - puppies are only fun if they're someone else's - LOL. When they're yours they're 24/7 work. Man, she's a full-time job.

Thanks for the nice comments everyone!!

Kelly said...

Cyue name for a cute pup, I hope she slept well last night!!

Sandra said...

She is beautiful. There is nothing more fun than a young pup.

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