Saturday, December 5, 2009

An age-old question has finally been answered!!

What sort of idiot dresses up a chicken?

That's an age-old question, right? Right?

Well it was late in the day and the boys were bored… and I had a left-over Santa outfit that came with a ceramic duck that broke years ago thanks to an incident involving the boys, the dog and a frightened cat on the run.

So one thing led to another and next thing I know we were in the yard with the chickens and the Santa outfit and...

...well... know what came next.

And a big FYI if you ever want to do this.

1) You can put any sort of cape on a chicken and they don't seem to mind, especially if you throw down some oats for them to eat. With their affinity for capes, chickens obviously make good superheroes - or so say my boys who often tell stories of the three superhero chickens that live in their back yard. We have Kung Fu Chicken (Maggie), The Bionic Hen (Clementine) and Captain Chookiepants (Sookie).

2) Never ever try to put a Santa hat on a chicken. They really do seem to mind. Really. You can see it discarded behind Maggie in this photo. Part of it is missing. Don't ask.

3) Don't show the pictures to your husband. He'll never look at you the same again.

4) Make sure the neighbors aren't watching you do this. They'll have the same reaction as your husband.

...Because although it seems like it might be a fun thing to do, you really just end up being that crazy chick who dressed up a chicken. And for what it's worth, the chickens don't do much posing to even make the photos worthwhile.

They do a lot of walking away from you pecking at the ground.

They also do a lot of charging the camera to get the oats that are in your other hand.

And even if you Photoshop all the chickens together it doesn't turn out that well.

So probably my best advice is that only a true fool dresses up a chicken in a Santa outfit so maybe you shouldn't do it after all. And I'm well aware that my phone will begin ringing as soon as I hit the "Publish Post" button from my real life friends and family members who are probably organizing a chicken intervention at this very minute.


Dani said...

I think I might have to give this a try myself. ;0

Darla said...

I think this is great!! Love it!!!

Maureen said...

This is hysterical....must go buy capes!!!

Ribbit said...

I'm thinking you need one in the cape and the other two with reindeer antlers.

Vonnie said...

I couldn't get the ladies to stay still for this, but if I could, I would!!

Unknown said...

too bad a hip lookin' sleigh and a pair of reideer antlers weren't around at the time.

hopefully this doesn't mean you won't get eggs for a week. :o)

too cute! said...

OMG I love this post, mostly because I've been secretly wanting to dress up my own hens in Christmas garb. But alas, I don't have any wee Santa costumes. Love it!

Erin said...

Kate, this is way too funny! You should use that photo-shopped pic for your Christmas cards!

Heidi said...

LOL! Where on the crazy scale do I come, that I think this is a Fabulous idea and am wishing I had a cape / wondering where I can get capes!

Stefaneener said...

Oh, no, that is really good. But when you make individual superhero capes for them, you might be crossing some lines.

Sue said...

Way to funny-I'm going to get chickens for sure this year!!!

karen08 said...

What a great chuckle first thing on a Monday morning!!! Thanks so much for sharing your fun.

berrypatch said...

I chuckled my whole way through this post. If only I could find a dozen of those capes....oh the photos! ;-)

Wendy said...

This post had me giggling so much!! The man walked by and I just sat there snickering and laughin' and read it aloud to him. See?? I said, THIS is why I need to start a gardening blog and get some chickens!! He just shook his head and (hid) walked away! LOL

I love your humor! What's up for Spring? Bunny ears? :)

Happy Gardening!
~Wendy / Sassyb

Tori said...

I'm in Central FL, too. I do SFGing, too. I'm preparing to move to a home and planning to build a chicken tractor and own chickens... too?

This particular post was really funny. Your writing style is amusing and enjoyable.

Perhaps we'll be neighbors. I can't tell for sure. Right now I'm on the east coast, but we're moving a bit inland... between Daytona Beach and Orlando.

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