Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Chicken Chapel - the mother of all chicken coops

Since I have thrown myself head-first into the world of chickens I have uncovered some very unusual chicken-related things on the web that beg for comment. We've already discussed the awesomeness that is the chicken diaper, and now I think it's time to present the most wonderful and amazing chicken coop I have ever seen. This isn't just a fancy chicken coop - it's definitely a masterpiece of chicken art unlike anything you can ever imagine...and also a place for chickens to worship? Presenting...The Chicken Chapel.

photo from http://www.andreazuill.com/JeanBenelli.asp

I first learned about "The Chicken Chapel" here where the artist, Jean Benelli, writes a description that really paints an amazing picture of her work:

"There are 8 glass stained glass windows in all. The windows tell the story of Christ depicted as a rooster. The rooster is the symbol of Christ (in my work). The words in the west windows say "Hen House" in the Latin alphabet, Latin being the language of the church. Inside the coop, the ceiling is painted a sky blue with 300 tin stars attached. The chandelier is wrought iron with ceramic chickens and gold gilt eggs. The chickens represent the 12 disciples, and Christ. The four gilt eggs represent the four apostles.
I have also painted a picture of an icon depicting Penelope, Patron Saint of Chickens (made up Saint), along with rubber chickens of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. Soon, it will have a Mosaic Foundation in red, blue, green and yellow tile, and a steeple.
My chickens don't know that their coop is not finished!!!
It has been a two and a half year project. It took me one year to build the windows.
My artwork is quite odd to most people. It is mostly chicken saints and icons, some in watercolor and some in neon. I am having a good time, anyway.
I am included in many art shows, but few people actually buy.
Thank-You for your interest, I do love my chickens!!!
- Jean Benelli" (- from http://shilala.com/coopofdistinction.html)

I went to Jean Benelli's website and was seriously gobsmacked by the grandeur of The Chicken Chapel, as well as her other unique chicken art. The one photo I have placed on my blog is too small to appreciate the grandeur of the coop and does not do it justice at all. You must go to her site to see detailed photos of the coop with close-ups of the stained glass and how it all looks lit up at night.

Have you ever seen a more unique and amazing way to house chickens in your life?


Vonnie said...

Holy cow! (or chicken). That's cool. We're building our first tiny coop. It will be nothing as cool as this!

Darla said...

I appreciate unique art.....do what you love and love what you do!!

Dani said...

Hmmm...so do you think we could talk the Hubs into building something like this for us? lol

Lo said...

wow....um....that is.....interesting, LOL. cool but crazy :)

donna said...

Okay, the chicken chapel photo makes me want to run right out and buy some chickens! Or at least go out for a chicken dinner. I think my computer problems are solved for the time being, so I should be visiting here more often.

Crafty Green Poet said...

now that's a seriously impressive chicken house....

I like your blog header....

Ribbit said...

Wow! That's a bit, well, elaborate.

Hey, did you still want that book? Email me your address and I'll get it in the mail this week.

Jonah Lisa said...

If that old show Real People was still on the air, this woman would be on it.

My favorites were the Chicken Christ on the cross and the stained glass of the chicken birth story.

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