Friday, November 13, 2009

Is this why they call it 'Swiss' chard?

I guess I finally figured out why it's called "Swiss" chard.



Matt said...

Well, it's obviously tasty.

Gary Jen and Ruby said...

? Not convinced you know why !

After all, if it's coloured - it's called Rainbow Chard, and the whiter variety is normally referred to as Zilver

Stefaneener said...

Slugs? At least it still looks edible.

donna said...

Slugs? Hail? Chickens? I'm quite sure I've never eaten Swiss Chard.

Kate and Crew said...

Gary Jen and Ruby - I was just being funny.... saying that my Swiss Chard looks like Swiss Cheese with all the holes in it... I wasn't being serious.

Stef/Donna - I don't see ANY bugs out there...about 1/2 is holey and 1/2 is fine. I'll have to harvest ASAP! And would you guys eat holey chard???

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