Monday, December 7, 2009

A $200 gas card is up for grabs!!

Do you remember months ago when my article on Blue Spring State Park was featured on Road Trip Journal's website? And enough people voted for me that I WON their Reader's Choice contest for April and received a $100 gas card in the mail as my prize!! I can't begin to tell you how much I loved using that gas card and how sad I was when it eventually ran out.

I was beyond excited when I got an email from Road Trip Journal the other day telling me that in December they hold a "Best of the Best" competition on their site. All the bloggers who won the monthly awards go up for one BIG award in December. The winning blogger gets a $500 gas card. You read that right - a $500 gas card! Swoon!

And to make people more likely to vote, Road Trip Journal is going to randomly select one of the voters and award them a $200 gas card!! I can vouch for the authenticity of the gas cards since I happily used the one I received in the mail for winning the monthly contest. In my books the best kind of gas card is a legit gas card.

So here is my shameless plea for votes. If you'd like to get yours truly one step closer to winning a $500 gas card, please visit Road Trip Journal's webpage and vote for me to win the "Best of the Best" award for 2009. It's pure numbers that will determine the winner, so I need all the votes I can get.

Here is the link for you: Vote here

When you visit the page you'll see a listing of the 11 entrants. There's me hanging out in spot number 4 on April for Blue Spring State Park. On the upper right of the window you'll see an "Enter the Survey here" button. When the form opens, just vote for "Blue Spring State Park, FL" (or any of the entrants if another one is your favorite - after all, it is a democracy) and then enter in your email address, hit submit and you're done.

And if you've got any friends who might like a chance at a $200 gas card and think voting for me is more exciting than Christmas shopping, maybe you could send them off to vote too?

Because I have chickens to feed. And it's a long drive for their food. And nothing's more depressing than a skinny chicken.

Not really. I was trying to tug at your heart-strings. I wouldn't make a very good politician. But I'd be lying if I told you that our little family couldn't use a $500 gas card for Christmas. And I'm sure yours could do with a $200 gas card too!

Thanks all!!


Darla said...

Okay, I have you one vote closer to your gas card. The Link something Journal is not going through, the Best of the Best did though, that's how I voted!!

Kate and Crew said...

Darla - thanks so much!! And thanks for letting me know the links weren't working - turns out I had copied all the main site links wrong by accidentally adding a letter.... GAH! All fixed now.

Erin said...

Done! Good luck!

Annie's Granny said...

While I was here looking at your silly chicken, I happened to toss a vote your way {smootches}

Carole said...

Went to all my facebook friends and asked them to read the entrants blogs and vote for their best choice, which of course is your blog ! Hope you win, you deserve it, you always keep me coming back to read more.

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