Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh holy edibleness!

We finally did it. We grew something edible this season. We can call it quits now and know we ended on a high note. I think I'm most excited about the zucchini because its success means I've accomplished quite a few things on my gardening to-do list, namely starting something from a seed on the patio, transferring the seedling to the garden, and having it turn into a full-fledged plant that lived long enough to bear fruit. I seriously feel like I'm ready for my own TLC show at this point.

So here they are in all their glory.

Nevermind that all three of my zucchini plants seem to have issues. The one in the pot is always very wilted by mid-day and only seems to only revive first thing in the morning. One of the other zucchini plants in the garden has yellow edges to all of its leaves - just like someone got a marker and colored a fine yellow line around the edges. That can't mean anything good. And the other one has a hint of yellow leaf edges and is tipped over and is lying sideways on the soil. Once again, it can't be a good sign, but for all I know zucchini plants do periodically chillax on their sides in gardens. Afterall, my zucchini plants are the only zucchini plants I've ever seen, so what do I know?

Remember those bags of strawberries that my mom got me for Easter? They're actually doing pretty good (pic here).They're on the patio, safe from whatever evil creature of the night is eating my garden strawberries. This location is safe, but it requires me to remember to water them, which I've actually been doing even though I'm genetically predisposed to poor plant watering.

Look at the first little berry harvest.

They're small, but they're sugary-sweet! I don't know what happens when their "season" is over. I'm not sure if I take them out of the bags and put them away, or leave them hanging, or if I just discard them. I assume strawberry season will be over soon and I'll have to figure out what to do with them. Until then it's a nice sweet treat by the pool.


Dani said...

You go Kate! :)

Jeff Vandiver said...

Good for you! ain't that difficult. Pretty soon, you'll have to change the blog name to "Gardening with skills"...

Cheryl said...

Your strawberry harvest is impressive. I wonder if they're Alpine strawberries. Do you know? If they are, you're supposed to pick them all summer.

Jonah Lisa said...


Amy W. said...

Your zucchini look great! In my yard, up here NW of Atlanta, I get 3-5 zucchini per plant, then the plants all wilt from being attacked by squash vine borers.

That doesn't stop me from planting zucchini each year, because I really like it, but it's just what happens.

Hope the rest of your gardening season goes well!

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