Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wildlife Weekend :: Cardinal Virtues

We have a crappy little $3 bird feeder that hangs from the basketball stand in the front yard. We don't get that many interesting birds that feed from it, but sparrows and blackbirds seem to enjoy it, which is all that counts. But the other day my eagle-eyed 5-year-old who misses nothing was quite excited to see a male cardinal getting seeds from the feeder and taking them over to a tree in our front yard.

We watched him for quite awhile from the kitchen window and wondered if he had a little lady in the tree sitting on a nest.

A few minutes later, he disappeared and she showed up. It looks like we have a mating pair.

The boys are amused by it and now I feel compelled to make sure the feeder is fully stocked at all times. Just what I needed - more birds on my list of things I feel compelled to feed. As if a husband, two boys, one dog, two cats, three chickens, and a mating pair of doves in the backyard wasn't enough?


Kelly said...

What amazing pictures!!

Carole said...

Kate..all you need now is... a partridge in a pear tree! Great pictures, really enjoy your blog, it's the first place I look in the morning to give me a smile

Sandra said...

Nice photos, esp. the flying ones. It's so cool that your kids are able to enjoy seeing these beautiful birds. We have them here too and they are often the earliest to the feeder in the morning and the latest at night.

Jeff Vandiver said...

Awesome! I love birds (when they aren't eating my grapes and blueberries!). The male cardinal is one of my favorites, because the color is so beautiful!

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