Thursday, May 21, 2009

TOMATO WOE - a limerick

TOMATO WOE - a limerick

My first ripe tomato turned red
But it developed a crack on its head
Then a bird ate its skin
Before I could dig in
And now I'm eating some store bought's instead.

Seriously - am I not meant to enjoy a mater from my garden? I haven't had any watering issues (up until this week's torrential downpours) so I don't know how the damn thing cracked. And this morning - THIS morning - was the morning I had put aside to pick the tomato. My first ripe tomato. I had fresh turkey and cheese and a hoagie put aside just for this morning's first tomato. And wouldn’t you know that a bird decided to peck at the damn thing right before I got there. A garden is definitely a lesson in patience...and humility.

Woe is me.


Dani said...

Damn bird! Ggrr! ((HUGS)) :)

Scott Hildenbrand said...

That's how it cracked.. I'd recommend picking them when they crack and leaving them on your window sill to ripen more before use.

Kathryn said...

You are too funny - great limerick. I have the same problem - not with the cracking but with the damn birds eating just the ripe tomatoes! I say pick em when they are just starting to turn and let them ripen in your kitchen. As always, take care (and heart) - K (aka Mad Beach Maven)

Kate and Crew said...

Scott - if one bad week of rain can crack tomatoes then I don't see how it's possible to grow them in Florida without them cracking. I see a zero percent chance I'd ever have a growing season without a period of intense rain.

Kathryn - sorry you've got hungry birds too...

Jeff Vandiver said...

Kate, i'm really sorry that your tomato problems continue. Very good writing, as usual.

Unknown said...

Cute limerick! Hang in there you are bound to get a ripe tomato for your hoagie!

Sandra said...

That's just sad!
Hope you get to eat the next one.

Kelly said...

My tomato condolences to you. Anything around you could cover a/o deter them with to prevent future foraging? I wonder if foil tape would work as it is rumored to on berry bushes?

As usual your words brought a smile to my face, hoping your nrxt limerick is about the delights of a garden tomato!

Cheryl said...

I like the poem. That's my second good chuckle of the evening.

Scott Hildenbrand said...

Kate, it all depends on the breed of tomato. We had flawless crops from at least 75 plants, but some kinds were prone to splitting.

The problem is that some kinds do not have as flexible of a skin as others and when it rains too much, they suck up so much water that they split.

It only happens as they near maturity, so you could just as easily pick them when they start to turn light red and place them on your window sill in the sun to ripen the rest of the way. It won't affect flavor at all.

We've got a 3' by 7' outdoor table directly beside the garden plot that's lightly shaded that we use to put ours on. It's typically piled up with tomatoes come the harvest days.

There are many crack resistant breeds out there... Some that come to mind are Jetstar and Pink Girl.. Plus I hear GREAT things about Better Bush IMPROVED.. Just Better Bush [without the improved] is a cherry tomato, whereas improved signified full sized.

At any rate.. Pick them a tad early and let them ripen is the best bet.. :)

HappyMouffetard said...

Great limerick. I feel your frustration!

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