Sunday, August 3, 2008

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While we wait for the garden to dry, we're still trying to come up with garden-related projects for the boys to pique their interest. We decided that we need row markers for the seeds and plants in the event that we actually plant something one day. In my attempt to get the boys as involved with this garden as possible, I made this a project for Aidan. I downloaded a tracing font for the computer and designed little rectangles with the name of each vegetable in tracing font at the top. Then we printed them out and cut them out together. Aidan then very carefully traced the name of each vegetable with a black pen. He even decided that the two L's on the end of B-e-l-l Pepper should be joined to make an H since H's are nicer than L's since L's look like 1's. So we'll be growing BeH Peppers, thankyouverymuch. He also underlined Watermelon for emphasis since he likes it so much. He is still learning his letters and is new to writing, and he's a big fan of improvising. We then talked about what each vegetable would look like and I drew a picture of the appropriate vegetable on each card. Aidan very carefully painted each card with the right colors. I whipped out my ultimate girl gadget - the laminator - and we laminated each little card and cut it out again. We then got some oversized popsicle sticks and stapled them to the laminated cards. Aidan was so proud of these and even said we'd trick Farmer B and tell him that we bought them at the store. We'll write any pertinent information on the back in permanent marker, such as planting date, days to harvest, etc. when (if) the time comes. It was a fun project for both of us and a great learning experience for him. I encourage you to click on the photos with this post to view them bigger because I really think they turned out great! (We'll make more for subsequent plantings - these should just be enough for our first planting).


Caroline said...

Those are awesome! It never fails to amaze and humble me how creative you are with the boys.

Oh, and we just started harvesting our BeH peppers and I can hardly believe that we grew these suckers. Can't wait for you guys to enjoy it too.

Anonymous said...

Love these! I bet the boys are just loving this whole adventure.

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