Friday, August 29, 2008

Cyber Gardening Part II

One of the keys to a successful garden is being organized. You should know what you're growing, where it's been planted, when it should bloom and, in my case, where it's located so you can put on scuba gear and swim down and see it.

If you're a bit of a techno-nerd and you're wondering how you can cyber-up your garden, I've found a solution. If you've got an iPhone or an iTouch you can download the "MyGarden" application for $1.99. It allows users to keep track of everything they've planted in their garden. You can track your plants' light requirements, watering needs, bloom time, planting date, soil requirements and more.

I've become an iPhone application freak lately. I only have a few, but I love browsing through the iTunes application store. Instead of MyGarden, I think I'd get more use from DivePlanner. It's $2.99 and substitues for your dive computer. Once I dive down to the bottom of my back yard, I can start looking for my yellow waterlogged plants.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm the creator of MyGarden -- would you mind linking to my page for MyGarden?

Thanks, and I'm glad you like the app!


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