Friday, August 8, 2008

It's sproutrageous!

With all the bad luck we've had with the garden - including our new little mystery beasties that are consuming everything we've planted, I was starting to think that the garden would be a bust. Then we had a little glimmer of hope. I was glancing at the soil behind the broccoli marker and complaining to myself that we already have weeds growing in the row…weeds growing in a perfectly straight line…a perfectly straight line! We have broccoli sprouts! I do not feel confident that they'll turn into broccoli, but for now, I'm happy we have little green broccoli sprouts - and to think, I was about to pull them in weed-yanking anger.

But broccoli isn't the only thing brave enough to sprout in our garden. I went to the pumpkin row and saw sprout after little green sprout where we'd placed the pumpkin seeds. I was so excited that I ran in to get Aidan to show him. He squealed with excitement and dashed outside to see them. His reaction? "Oh, I thought you said it was a pumpkin." But after I explained to him that baby people look different than baby adults and that baby pumpkins look different than adult pumpkins, he seemed to get it. He was quite pleased with his row of little baby pumpkin sprouts. And I am too. As soon as they get bigger they'll have just enough leaves for the mystery beastie to eat them too.

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