Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Polywog in a Bog

Since we're still swimming around here, I thought I'd dedicate another post to the amphibians in our yard who are at least enjoying all the excess water. In my attempt to look on the bright side, happy frogs is all I can come up with.

This little tree frog likes to hang around our pool safety fence. We have a few more who love to hang out on our front door and kitchen window. The ones on the front door like to jump at your face when you open the door. That's always good fun.

We recently had an explosion of baby tree frogs. They all cling to the windows early in the morning and are downright fascinating to the boys. They're so little that they're almost transparent.

And here is the toad who lives in our garden. Well...he did live in the garden. I haven't seen him since it flooded. I think he's our first space toad.
And finally - the best frog-related song out there! My boys love their new Barenakes Ladies CD called "Snacktime." It's got a bunch of great music on there that's fun for the kids and not painful for me to listen to. One of the favorites is Polywog in a Bog . You can watch the music video for it here. This video is featured on CNET and on download.com's best new music videos page. It includes a really cute animation of a tadpole turning into a frog during the best part of the song. If you've got kids, they'll love this. They should listen to it while doing their tadpole-to-frog crafts to get into a froggy kind of mood. Enjoy!

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