Saturday, August 23, 2008

Damage Done

There was a break in the rain today that allowed me to wander out to the garden and take a look at the damage. It's flooded. The plants have either washed away or are floppy and submerged. I suppose there is a chance that some of them might perk up if the soil drains and the sun comes out. But it's quite obvious that the majority of the garden is a complete failure. If it wasn't bad enough before the storm - it's done for now.

Here's the once-beautiful row of pumpkins.

And the once-vibrant green beans.

Oh and these…these are sunflowers.

The yard is a lake. You have to wear knee-high wellies to wade through the grass. The frogs are so loud at night that you can barely speak over them. At least someone is happy.

On a bright note, there are more butterflies and dragonflies in the yard than I've ever seen before. It's funny, all the birds go away when there's a hurricane and you know it's past when you see them come back. Apparently butterflies and dragonflies follow the same logic.

One of our back rooms has started to flood. We have heavy gym equipment on the carpet so we can't pull back the carpet all the way to see how much of it is wet. It's quite clear that the edges are very wet though. It's heavy gym equipment that requires a professional to assemble/disassemble so we don't know what we'll do at this point. We discovered it last night and spent the night drying out the room with a fan and a humidifier - then today we got torrential rains again and it's even wetter than it was the night before. These pictures are not that exciting, but they're a real cause of stress for us.

Wet carpet - mildew on the baseboards - saturated carpet padding.

And we lifted up the black gym mats and found mildew underneath.

But, this is a gardening blog, so we will wait for the soil to dry out and continue with the mission. We will replant. And I will learn how to grow something if it kills me. I realize this blog has turned into a bit of drama over almost losing our dog and now the events of Tropical Storm Fay, but as soon as we dry out enough to get back to normal, we'll be back to figuring out how this garden growing thing works again! Thanks for sticking with us while we deal with all of this...


Natalie said...

Oh my goodness! I found your blog through the Crafty Crow (and I'm totally in love with the Toad Spaceship - wondering if we even have toads here in the high desert of California).

Anyway - wow, amazing pictures. We moved from central FL (Oviedo) last year to a small mountain town somewhere between Southern and Central California. It was, of course, a huge change, and as much as I miss the rain, your pictures remind me of how there really can be too much rain, too. The last time it rained here was, oh, about 2 months ago. Fire is a big threat here; it's pretty scary.

Anyway, I hope you all dry out quickly, and that any damage to your house is minimal. I'll definitely be back - it's great seeing what creative people (which doesn't describe ME) can do. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Munkeh said...

Wow, you folks have really had your share of nastyness lately. The last time we had a garden we didn't want to dig up the yard so we used black plastic (30 gallon) trash cans. We drilled a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Put some rocks in the bottom (to take up space), then added dirt to fill the rest of the can. We planted things that would give us the most for our work - tomatoes, cucumbers, & squash. By using the black plastic trash cans the dirt was always warm. That way there were no slugs or snails - the black plastic was too hot for them to crawl up on the sides of the trash can. There was virtually no weeding and they were like a nice tall raised bed - no bending to work on the plants. because the soil was always warm, we had veggies ready to eat before ANYONE in our neighborhood. I was going to our neighbors asking if they would like some of our veggies since we had way more than we could use! This is just an idea for the future, but it worked a treat for us! Hope all the rain drains away quickly!

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