Friday, January 1, 2010

The First Day :: A Fresh Start

I always enjoy the first day of the year. There's something about the newness of it all that feels quite refreshing to me. I decided to take Saffie out into the yard to check out the garden before a big cold front comes through later tonight.

It was a cool morning, with a slight drizzle, lots of leaves on the ground and a darkening sky. The cold front should bring highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s. It just felt like a New Year to me. I'm sure I won't be waxing poetic tomorrow when it's cold and I'm fetal on the couch unable to move because it's under 70 degrees.

When I walk through the yard, my view looks like this. I trip a lot these days.

If she gets distracted by a falling leaf and I get away from her, it doesn't last for long.

When you live in Florida you learn to really appreciate any little thing that smacks of winter. For me it's the changing leaves on the backyard trees.

We made it out to the garden, but something spooked Saffie.

The curled lips. The threatening bark. Are you quivering with fear? She was not a happy puppy.

Turns out the garden gnome is evil. It's something I've suspected for a long time.

With the cold weather coming, I'm sure I need to protect my garden. I've got lots of green tomatoes that won't handle a freeze well.

And how about these black-eyed peas? Any idea if they're ready to pick? Some pods are brown, some are green and some are greenish-brown. Any black-eyed pea experts have any advice for me?

I'll pick my bell peppers today and harvest some chard for another quiche.

But how about these strange little sprouts from the edges of my broccoli plant? Do you eat those? Do I cover them? We ate the big broccoli from the middle, but then these mini-broccoli started to grow.

Farmer B has modified the chicken coop to handle the cold weather so the only thing I need to worry about is the garden. I assume I can just chuck a sheet over it, but I think I need to read up on it all first. I've learned that going with my instincts is rarely the right decision when it comes to the garden.

The first day of 2010 was a very good day.


Erin said...

Great photos, and yes, eat those broccoli sprouts, lol!

Kelly said...

Gosh, I can see miss pup growing already, so funny about the gnome.

Darla said...

We have some cold weather coming to Florida....ready or not!

Sande said...

Autumn leaves this late? Very pretty. I've never been in Florida this time of the year. It looks like our October.

Annie's Granny said...

Cut those broccoli sprouts, they are the best eating! Saffie is so darned cute...give her a hug for me ;-)

Engineeredgarden said...

Kate, those 2 pea pods on the left are ready for shelling. As the others stated, the broccoli side shoots are ready too, and are most commonly seen on salad bars, and used in stir fry dishes. Saffie is just adorable, I bet her and Jude would have a big time together.

Kate and Crew said...

Thanks everyone!!!

So... I pick the brown cowpea pods and then what? You just cut them open and put the peas in the fridge until you're ready to use them?

And I'll cut that broccoli tomorrow for sure!

Kate and Crew said... I supposed to dry these cowpeas somehow?? I'm searching online for what to do once I pick the brown pods of the vine, but I'm not finding anything specific.

Amy said...

Yay for new cutie pie puppies and changing leaves and gardens still producing! Happy New Year to you!

Kalena Michele said...

OMG I want to kiss her and rub her belly and sniff her nose! Great blog! I look forward to your garden this year:)

Daphne said...

That is why I have no gnomes in the garden. They are very mischievous.

Stefaneener said...

Ha, this is why currently I have no puppies! Those side shoots look yummy, but it also looks like you have powdery mildew on the broccoli. I recognize it because it's on my kale plants.

Leigh said...

You make me laugh. You have the same questions I have......I love gardening, to me it's like a mystery just never know what will happen!!

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