Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Sunday Morning Chicken Show

I've been a bit busy this week trying to thaw out from our cold snap. I thought I'd post some video I took of the chickens this morning so you could see a peek into their little lives. Of course the sun was shining right into their window making the video a bit washed out, but I thought it was still cute. Clementine was a bit camera shy this morning so she's not visible, but Maggie and Sookie ham it up. Is it appropriate to say chickens ham it up?

Here are Maggie and Sookie after they layed their morning eggs inside the nest box area of the coop.

And here are Maggie and Sookie trying to eat my phone in the chicken run. They're so used to me giving them treats that they peck anything in my hand when I visit them in the mornings. My boys find it insanely hilarious whenever the chickens peck at my fingers - as you can hear.


Ribbit said...

It is pretty darn funny, isn't it?

Erin said...

Too funny! "Ow....Ow....Ow...."!! I never get tired of the chicken videos :)

Darla said...

So love the laughter of the children..even if you have to endure the pain for me to hear them!! Cute videos.

Susan said...

I've always wanted to have chickens and lots of fresh eggs. Perhaps you'll inspire me to get off the fence. I've listed a link for you on both my Florida garden blogs.

Stefaneener said...

I love that kind of laugh -- we call it "fat laughter" here.

donna said...

At first I read your post to say, "I thought I'd post some video I took of the CHILDREN."

But then I saw it was CHICKENS. They aren't as cute as your boys, but still very appealing in a chicken way:)

The sound on my computer isn't working right now. Hate that I'm missing the sound of childrden laughing.


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