Monday, March 1, 2010

Dirty Money

You know that saying about puppies where they say that the only people who like puppies are people who are not currently living WITH a puppy? Oh, you don't? Well I just made that up. It's totally true. Ask anyone living with a puppy. Like me.

I'm one of those people who never carries cash on me, but I found $5 in the laundry this weekend and was quite ecstatic. I told myself I'd take the boys out for ice cream at this cash-only ice cream shop on Wednesday after school and I've been babying this $5 bill like a kid with their first allowance. Wednesdays are early release days from school and I've always wanted to do a little something special with them. So this $5 was the ticket.

You know where this is going, don't you?

I was doing dishes and I saw the puppy chewing on something. I noticed it was something papery, so figured she'd got her gazillionth Kleenex and left her alone while I kept scrubbing dishes.

But then I saw a glint of something green…

Oh you little…what is it they call female dogs again?

Those eyes let me know SHE knows she's in trouble.

Big trouble.

Well, we have half a $5 bill. I wonder what we can get at the ice cream shop for $2.50?


Stefaneener said...

My 10 year old used to tear money. I think she's done with it, but I just found a $10 bill cut in half. . . who might have done that?

Darla said...

Oh my stars!! How frustrating...

Dani said...

I came in yesterday and Ollie had chewed a corner of my old (over 150 years old!)chair. He must have like the old horsehair stuffing. I cried and then laughed it off as best as I could. Damn Pups! :)

Kelly said...

Your bill should still be good, try taking to the bank for a trade-in. :) They are very familiar with the dog ate my...stories.

She is getting so big, she has lost much of her 'puppy' look, I am sorry she hasn't yet lost any of the behavior!

Erin said...

OK, it was all cute fun and games until she chewed MONEY! I would be in tears, I think LOL

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