Sunday, June 13, 2010

The World's Messiest Orange Tree Hole

You may remember that Farmer B and the boys got me an orange tree for Mother's Day. This is directly related to my first blog post ever (almost 2 years ago) where I showcased a mostly dead orange tree in our back yard. This tree eventually died (no surprise) so this weekend we decided it was time to pull out the dead orange tree and put my new one in its place.

I spent an eternity digging out the dead tree and making the hole big enough to accommodate our new tree. Here in this part of Central Florida when you dig down about 12 inches you hit water and then you've got a mucky sandy mess at the bottom of your hole. That makes it fun to keep digging, of course. But I was dedicated, so I kept scooping out slop until I had a perfect new hole for my tree.

You can see the dead tree I pulled out off there to the right. I figured we'd take a little break from the heat to get a drink and then put the new tree in the hole.

But then Saffie disappeared. I was worried.

Until I found her.

Ohhhh did I find her.

Lucky for me she decided to make the hole deeper. She's such a help.

Yeah. I know. Whatever you're thinking - I've already thought it.

Yes. The shaking helped.

Think she knows she did wrong?

The full body shot is delightful. She still hasn't grown into her muddy legs.

There's really nothing left to say, is there?


Kelly said...

This dog brings me such joy. ;)

Anna said...

The 3rd photo had me thinking is that mud or oil...hmmmm

Too cute puppy! Such a beautiful handful haha.


Kate and Crew said...

LOL Anna - my friend already said that it looks like Saffie was stuck in the BP oil spill!!!!

Kelly - I'm glad I could be there for you.

Annie's Granny said...

Gotta love her!

The first thing Mr. Granny said was "Looks like she got into the BP oil".

Melissa said...

Your dog photos are the funniest ever! Love it!

Ribbit said...

What a doll. She's just using her beauty treatment. Everyone loves a good mud mask every once in a while. Full body is better.

Erin said...

Love it! Saffie has such a personality, it really shows through all the mud, LOL!

Susan said...

LOL...that is so funny. Love that last says it all!

Cheryl said...

I can almost hear her saying, "Me? What did I do?" Too cute.

Engineeredgarden said...

OMG, that is so funny!!!! She's such a stinker....hehe.

Prairie Chicken... said...

so sweet if makes my teeth hurt..

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