Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LAPCPADPOUB Day Award and an important cat update

"Holy crap. That book you won is here," said Farmer B in utter disbelief as he wandered in with the mail today. He still has a hard time believing that the poem about my cat's poo for the Inelegant Gardener's 1st annual LAPCPADPOUB Day was recognized by anyone in the world, so the fact that James Alexander-Sinclair's book actually showed up was cause for amusement on his part. I had no doubt the book would show up, but Farmer B is a doubter by nature.

But it did show up.

It was an exciting moment.

As it peeked out of the envelope.


And there it was in its full splendor and glory.

"101 Bold and Beautiful Flowers" - Ideas for Year-Round Colour. It's really a nice little book. The boys are quite intrigued with it and like the pretty pictures and funny names, like Sneezeweed and Catchfly. I've got to admit, I'm totally enjoying reading the book. I thought it would just be pretty pictures, but it's a really good read! The descriptions of the flowers are really funny and oddly enough I find it's a real page-turner. He writes about the "Crimson Cushion" on page 18:

"This plant is like the perfect boyfriend and ticks all the right boxes. He will be polite and charming to your mother; he is immaculately turned out with deep burgundy, button flowers and narrow pea-green leaves; he is strong growing and only occasionally needs physical support, and his flowers are long-lasting, not at all smelly, unfailingly generous and never, ever late. Even better, when it is all over there are no recriminations and flying crockery, instead he fades gently away."

But I thought it was only fitting to post an update of my cat since this great little book came thanks to my poem about my cat. If you remember from the poem, he eats all sorts of things and has a mad, mad obsession for tulle. Oddly enough, we end up with tulle in the house all too often. I make produce bags out of tulle and the dogs have some fancy holiday collars made out of tulle.

The dog really wanted a break from his fancy Halloween collar - made out of tulle, of course. He's not a fan of this thing at all. Can you tell?

So I took the collar off him and set it on the counter while we ate dinner. Then I heard the boys yelling 'MOMMY!! The cat is eating Rommy's collar!!!!"

I turned around and saw this

Then it got caught on one of his snaggleteeth

And he kept chewing
And made that wretching noise that only a cat can make "GAAAKKKKKKKK!!!!"
And tried to pull it out of his mouth with both paws.
And finally spit the damn thing out.


I've got litterbox duty later tonight. I think I feel another poem coming on. My cat is such a tulle.


VP said...

Congratulations - it's a lovely book isn't it.

I love your page turning pics!

Christine Dewey Gager said...

Not only did you win a cool book, you also won a new reader, and as I'm in Ocala, a new neighbor. (Sorta kinda. I think.)

Anonymous said...

Glad it got there and hope it entertains briefly. Please don't let that omnivorous cat anywhere near it or I will have to send you a replacement.

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