Monday, October 13, 2008

The Petting Farm on Travels With Children

It's no secret to anyone who really knows me that I have a thing for chickens. I don't know where this came from, but I do. I have a fantasy of owning pet hens that I let loose in the garden to prance around pecking madly at evil caterpillars, beetles and weeds. So when we took the boys to Green Meadows Petting Farm this past weekend I couldn't get enough of the chicken pen. It was such a fun trip and the boys had a blast petting all sorts of animals. You can read the full story on Travels With Children where I was a guest author this weekend.

Seeing our boys with the ducks was bittersweet. They were the same breed that we used to own and I got a bit sentimental thinking about our pet ducks that we were forced to give away after their enclosure was destroyed in the 2004 hurricane season. It was just a fun place to visit and seeing all the farm animals (the pigs, donkeys and cows were great too) just made me realize that I'm a closet farmgirl without a farm.

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