Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunrise over us

I think that stay-at-home-moms are one of the rare breeds of people who routinely see the sunrise even though we don't leave for work. On one of the many occasions when a small boy roused me from my bed before the crack of dawn, I found myself sitting in the living room very blurry-eyed watching the sun rise over our backyard.

The sunrise around here is usually as anticlimactic as it gets. You just notice things getting lighter outside and there's no actual dramatic rising of the sun. But this morning was different. It was thick with fog and as the sun started to rise and the fog burned off I saw a unique sunrise over our backyard where actual rays of light lit up parts of the yard. It was a nice sight watching it start over the boys playset and continue rising over the trees with the edge of our garden as the final backdrop.

The white patio chairs are a nice touch, no? I realize it's not a dramatic sunset over water or some scenic vista, but it was real and it was at our house and it helped get my mind off the broken sleep and pounding headache I had that morning.

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