Sunday, October 19, 2008


I was one of those good kids growing up that rarely succumbed to peer pressure and never did for the big things. So it does make me wonder why I easily succumb to online peer pressure. Yup. I've been suckered into a game of photo tag from my friend Caroline. It's a game of sixes, so I have been duped into getting the sixth photo from my sixth folder and posting it here and telling a bit about it.
Here's my photo. Aren't I lucky that it's garden-related?

I had no clue why I had that photo in that folder because I didn't take it. It's a photo of my mom taken on January 23, 2007. I just sent her a copy of the photo and asked her about it. Turns out mom really doesn't like the photo. She's about 40 lbs lighter now so she doesn't find that photo very flattering - at all. She isn't sure why it was taken either, but said she's wearing a sweater set I got her for Christmas the month prior. She said it was probably taken after a cocktail party at her work and that she liked the bouganvillea so much that maybe that's why the photo was taken - to show me her new sweater-set in front of the pretty bouganvillea.

I'm supposed to send it on to six people, but I am afraid I don't have any friends who blog that I can send it on to... Everyone that I could send it to has already been tagged by Caroline or Jonah Lisa, so I'm out of people. Oh well... at least I did my part.

And mom, I know you read this - please don't be mortified by the photo. I only did it because ALL my friends were doing it. Besides, you always look pretty to me.


Carole said...

ok,you are not "grounded" this time. Make sure 'thinner" photo's are blogged next time.You never know what might happen if you don't listen, remember, i have some pretty telling photo's of from MOM

Caroline said...

Mama-Kate, it was my fault. I promise not to talk her into skipping curfew though.

It's a beautiful lady and a beautiful picture.

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