Friday, October 24, 2008

Puddle Angels

There's a wet cold front moving through Florida today, which has left us with a very dreary rainy day. It's different for us to have a dreary rainy day and I suppose rain is good for the garden, so we have no real complaints. Sure, much of Florida was built on a swamp so when it rains we end up with gobs of standing water in the yard and that's frustrating, but it'll be sunny tomorrow and it will all dry up. We'd been sitting in the house all morning watching old movies when I noticed the rain let up enough for us to go outside. I got the boys dressed and put their wellies on and gave them one rule.

"We're coming inside to each lunch in 30 minutes. I'm going to check out the garden. You two can splash in the puddles, but please stay dry. We can't do new clothes and baths right before lunch."

"Yes mommy!"

So while I was in the garden I was admiring our new growth. Our green beans are poking through the soil and look quite promising. I'm hoping they grow as big and as strong as they did last time.

The radishes have come through the soil - although thanks to some overzealous weed-whacking, they are sprinkled with dead grass now. Thank you for that Farmer B.

I was looking for growth over at the leeks and peas and didn't find any yet when it dawned on me that there was entirely too much laughing and splashing for two boys who had promised to stay dry. I turned around to see them making puddle angels.

Just because a kid grows up in Florida doesn't mean that they don't know what a snow angel is from watching TV. Aidan dreams of making a snow angel, but has had to settle for sand angels, leaf angels and now - my new favorite - puddle angels.

They really are two little angels…


Anonymous said...

Those little stinkers did just like me and my brother did, when we were little! We loved playing in the rain. It's a guy wouldn't understand! lol . I hope your beans don't get drowned this time.....

Caroline said...

OMFGawd, that's adorable. When my brother Michael was 3 he disappeared into the garden and when he re-appeared Eileen said she literally didn't recognize him he was so covered in mud.

Oh, and any time you want to make real-life snow angels....

I'm just sayin.

aussie gardening in America said...

That is awesome!!

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