Monday, March 23, 2009

Garden stake teepee

I bought a pack of six bamboo garden stakes for less than $3 at Home Depot the other day to use in the garden when we plant the green beans. Last time I planted green beans they all froze before they got to staking size. The package has been sitting on the patio for a few days just calling to the boys. They've been begging me to play with them, but I know if left to their own devices these would become swords in a heartbeat.

So we got the two fat blue rubber bands from around the broccoli and leeks in the fridge, a handful of chip clips and binder clips, two old sheets and the bamboo garden stakes and headed out into the yard.

We put one rubber band around the ends of the bamboo stakes and spread them out in a teepee shape. We jammed the other ends in the ground. Then we got two old sheets and secured them to the top with the other rubber band and used the chip clips and binder clips to clip the sheets to the poles. Instant teepee. Instant happiness.

They got a handmade campfire set for Christmas so they tore in the house to get it and cook up their felt marshmallows in the teepee. They had fun for a good hour or two climbing in and out and playing with the teepee…until the dog tried to get in with them. He couldn't find the door so he flattened the whole thing.

But it was good while it lasted. The stakes are now in the garden ready to go in with the green beans next week and the boys are already planning their next fort with the pea trellis that's in the shed.


engineeredgarden said...

Kate, that teepee is gonna work really well for the pole beans. I remember building all kinds of forts when I was a little boy. Man...those were the days.....


Carole said...

Forts are so much fun when you are a they want to build it again


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