Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Name that chicken!... or "The Naming of the Crew"

Although the blog doesn't reflect it, we've been doing plenty of gardening around here, but right now the chicks are the focus of attention. I'll be updating the blog on our gardening exploits later this week, but today I need your help.

Our three little chicks are nameless and we need to give them names soon or else "yellow guy, black one and chipmunk" will stick. I know this because we had ducks in the past and after coming up with cute names for the first three, the latter six ended up with magnificent names like "big boy" and "little girl."

On to the names. I know I have some creative readers and I'm desperately in need of help. I have compiled a short list of names given to me by some friends and relatives, but I'd love to have a good list to go off. Aidan, my 5-year-old, would like Pokemon, Daphne and Velma after his two favorite Scooby Doo characters and one of his favorite cartoons. Jace, my three-year-old, likes to squeal and yell the word chicken over and over again, so he's not much help.

For inspiration, here are the girls. These photos were taken this morning on their first outing into the back yard.

Here is the little black one followed by a picture of what she should look like when she grows up.

Now we have our little yellow one, followed by a picture of what she should look like when she grows up.

Finally, we have our little chipmunk-colored one. We have no clue what she'll look like when she grows up, but she might look like the photo you see below - but this could vary quite a bit.

If you're willing to help come up with some name choices, please leave a comment. All three birds need a name so put your chicken-thinkin' caps on!! Thanks!!!


Carole said...

Can't wait to hear their names. Hopefully you will pick names we can all remember so we can know which ones are flapping up a storm!
Keep Peeping

Darla said...

Checker, Caramel and Whimsy.......? They are beautiful!! Actually Caramel looks like a Princess or a Queen to me!

Kelly said...

Well the first one instantly brought 'salt&pepper' to mind with her mature color to be, so i would call her Pepper or Mrs. Dash. The second brought 'Goldie Hawn' to mind, she'd be Goldie and the third Scarlet. Sadly that is what came to mind and I am in the third decade of my life.

Ali said...

The "yellow one" is a total Rosemary--call her Rosie for short. So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

That's all for now, although the "black one" is giving off major Ursula vibes, but I don't know if you want to go so octopus-like.

Sue said...

I'm not real creative, but for some reason, Maude came to my mind for the first one, Clara the second, and Mabel for the third. Other ideas: Annie, Sandy, or Susie. I like the ideas others have come up with so far, too.

How exciting to have such beauties! I hope they lay lots of eggs and eat lots of bugs.

Cheryl said...

Salt & pepper popped in my head too. Mrs. Dash is kinda cute.

whiterice said...

Vidalia, Mavis, and Maude!

engineeredgarden said...

Josephine, Edna, and Gertrude.


Dani said...

I'm still thinking.....:)

Ali said...

I just though of a new name for your black chick--Mary Poppins!! Practically perfect in every way...

For Chipmunk, I'm getting a serious "Mavis" vibe--a good English name for ya!

Kate and Crew said...

Wow - you guys! I'm loving these names!! Thanks so much! We're picking names this weekend and will announce them next week.

Worknprogress said...

Just another thought for your list...

we skipped the people names at first and went with names for egg dishes. the only one that stuck was Meringue.

However, with our rooster whom we named Bella when we thought he was a hen...he learned his name and would come when we called him. So maybe you'd like to stick to low syllabel names.

May i throw in

Shirrley (like Shirred Eggs)
Your buff could be a Ginger

Or if you have a sense of humour like my hubbie's "scrambled eggs with bacon". :o)

Good luck naming your chicas! I hope there aren't any chicos.

Kathy said...

They are so cute! I am sure your boys love them!

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