Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New movie - "The Flattening"

If you thought "The Happening" was scary, wait until you see "The Flattening." It's M. Knight Shyamalan's blockbuster thriller currently in production. It's about a novice gardener in Central Florida who actually grew some nice looking zucchini seedlings and plants them in her garden. Then it happens - a freak cold front blasts through with a vengeance bringing with it insane winds that flatten everything in its path, including the precious seedlings. Oh the humanity!

These winds were a sustained 30 mph all day with gusts up to 40 mph. I saw two trees down in our neighborhood.

And the seedlings went flat.

As a pancake.

A couple managed to stay strong.

But the carnage. It's rated R for violence and gore.


Daphne said...

Well maybe your next movie will be "Reawakening" and they will recover.

Darla said...

That wind was crazy here in North Florida as well. Some how the sheets that I put over the plants remained in place, just waiting on the Sunshine ball so I can go see if there is any damage.

Sande said...

Eeww! It's sure hard to protect everything. But zucchini..there's usually plenty to go around even with a plant or two. Hope your flattened ones perk up.

Sande said...

Eeww! That can't be good! Hope they perk up for you. It's hard to protect everything.
I'm new to your blog and enjoying your sense of humor.

Dani said...

The same thing happened with us here in Pinellas. You just don't expect that kind of wind unless it's from a tropical storm.

Engineeredgarden said...

That sux...I lost some potato plants night before last, from the freezing temps. This weather is so unpredictable!


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