Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Road Trip :: Sites from Sanibel Island

Just like snowbirds in the wintertime, my idea of blogging while on vacation has taken a serious dive south. The only place we have internet access here is by the pool and although it sounds quite romantic to work on your laptop next to a pool, you have to remember that I have two small boys who are drawn to water in a most insane way. So me staring at a laptop with a towel draped over me so that I can see the screen wouldn't win me any parenting awards as I wonder what those two large annoying splashing sounds were.

I realize there's nothing more painful than being forced to thumb through someone else's vacation pictures. You're interested at first, but then wonder how many more pictures there are as you nod politely and start mentally preparing your grocery list in your head as photo after photo of someone else's vacation flips by.

That being said, here are some photos from our trip so far. And as you're compiling your grocery list, remember to buy milk.

Brown pelicans - two adult, one juvenile.

Red hibiscus

Pink hibiscus

Marsh rabbit

The beach

Great Blue Heron




Erin said...

the picture of the Egret is unbelievable...gorgeous!

kimchi said...

Beautiful pictures!

Leisa said...

I love Sanibel, have fun and don't miss the sunsets!

Tootie said...

Your post came in my Google Sanibel Alerts, that's why I'm dropping by.

I live at Sanibel and still enjoyed looking at all of your photos. I can't imagine anyone would get tired of that. :-) The Egret photo is my pick!

I hope you enjoy your stay.

Dani said...

That Egret pic ROCKS! Great job!

You should go get a bumber sticker from the Island Bean and take a picture of it around your chickens and coops. :)

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