Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wildlife Weekend :: Armadillo Butt

Guess What?

Armadillo Butt.

I saw this little guy just outside of our neighborhood the other day. He was only about 8 inches from his snout to the base of his tail and clearly a juvenile who shouldn't have been out on the side of the road digging for bugs in the middle of the day.

Did you know that armadillos always give birth to four identical young? They're the only mammal known to do this. So somewhere out there are three other little armadillo butts identical to this one.

Odd looking little things aren't they? It's nice to see one not flat on the road for a change.


Carole said...

You take amazing photographs..I look forward to seeing your photos every day and of course your witty remarks

Bill said...

I don't believe you anymore. It's a fake!

engineeredgarden said...

Kill it! Oh god....I've got one that's digging the whole yard up. I go out there every night to blast him, and can't catch it out there...Dangit, my yard looks like crap because of it. Juvenile or not, i'd blast it.


Kate and Crew said...

LOL EG! You're hard core...but finally you do sound like a good ole' Alabama boy! LOLOL

I'm afraid I'm a tree-hugger when it comes to animals. I'd never kill one. We only kill poisonous snakes after we've removed them a few times and they keep coming back...and we never kill the non-poisonous ones.

And we have armadillos who dig up our yard too - we're okay with that. It's just grass. Our garden has a nice fence around it so only strawberry-eating squirrels and birds can get in.

This armadillo wasn't in our yard though... he was on the side of the road.

Kelly said...

Oh the poor creature. Was it lost then? Great pictures. And I am with you protector of all things small and with out words, I can kill a fly and that is about it. My spiders get gently escorted off the premesis.

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